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When questioning John Driscoll’s genuine passion for creating and DJing electronic dance music, one must take into account his gutsy decision to leave his full-time career to pursue music as his life’s work. Residing in New York for the majority of his life, John has immersed himself in the dance music scene and in turn benefited from experiencing many late night sessions at the hands of true industry pioneers. While spending countless hours on the dance floor and receiving technical DJ training at London’s world-famous Ministry of Sound, John has developed an uncanny ability to read crowds while delivering diverse DJ sets that leave party goers yearning for more. In addition, John’s many years of playing the classical piano combined with his knack for computer technology has allowed ‘JD’ to quickly become proficient in music production. Following his first label signing, which occurred after only two years of producing music, this NYC local has his sights set on many more projects for the upcoming year. While already garnering the support of his production peers, there is nothing but upside in this up and comer’s career.

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  1. Almira Capitan
    Juni 2, 2014

    How can I contact artist this site. I’m talent Manager here in Dubai UAE.


    Alma Capitan

    • Grapevine Grooves
      Juli 3, 2015

      We’re based in Dubai as well, get in touch via info [at]


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